NewsHe resembles a game character and his jump went viral. Millions watched

He resembles a game character and his jump went viral. Millions watched

The Norwegian is a specialist in deadly jumps. He has become similar to a character from a game.
The Norwegian is a specialist in deadly jumps. He has become similar to a character from a game.
Images source: © Instagram | @kenstornes
2:55 PM EST, December 5, 2023

Recently, a video featuring a man who strikingly resembles the protagonist from a popular game series has taken the internet by storm. Surprisingly, this audacious leap wasn't performed by an internet seeker of fame, but a recognized athlete.

The fifteen-second clip was initially published on February 5th, but it only began gaining popularity online in early December. Now, it has garnered vast popularity, as a duplicate of the video on the Culture Critic profile on X (formerly Twitter) accrued over 75 million views in under two days.

The originator of the recording, as well as the performer of the extraordinary leap, is Ken Stornes, a Norwegian and combat infantry veteran known as the "Norwegian Viking". Ken's signature characteristics are his massive musculature, strength, and a daredevil stunt known as death diving.

This unique diving style involves leaping with arms and legs extended wide in flight, maintaining that posture as long as possible, before curling up to safely splash in the water resembling a "bomb". The "death" in the name isn't a mere flourish - if the diver hits the water flat, they could be seriously injured.

Leaping viral sensation. Not just anyone could execute it

Ken Stornes is a luminary in this discipline, and recently he set a new world record with an impressive death dive measuring up to 133 ft. The footage of him surpassing the existing record earned him a surge of popularity, which was reinforced by a found video on his profile of a plunge into a small lake.

What adds to the intrigue is that in this recording, Ken bears a strong resemblance to Kratos, the protagonist of the smash-hit 'God of War' game franchise. In the two most recent entries of the series, the storyline is set in the realm of Norse mythology. Ken appears highly influenced by this, attempting to mimic Kratos' appearance as closely as he can.

While he may not have distinct tattoos, his physique, beard, and axes, which mirror Kratos' main weapon in the game, are identical. This is the primary reason why the video featuring the Norwegian has reached such broad audiences. 'God of War' enthusiasts are thrilled with both the tribute and the adventurer himself. However, others voice concerns about the substantial risk involved in Ken's stunts.

This could be the most macho performance I've ever witnessed. Wow!
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Is this Ragnar reincarnated?
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