EntertainmentHe received a gift from Cristiano Ronaldo. The price is staggering

He received a gift from Cristiano Ronaldo. The price is staggering

Cristiano Ronaldo gave a gift to Francis Ngannou.
Cristiano Ronaldo gave a gift to Francis Ngannou.
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11:18 AM EDT, October 25, 2023

One of the most popular athletes in the world has made a gesture. Cristiano Ronaldo decided to gift Francis Ngannou a watch. The media quickly determined that the value of the gift exceeds 100,000 euros (approximately $118,000).

Soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo and mixed martial artist Francis Ngannou's paths crossed in Saudi Arabia. The Portuguese has been a player at Al-Nassr club since the beginning of the year, with which he signed a lucrative contract. According to some fans, Cristiano Ronaldo is on a well-paid soccer retirement.

The former UFC champion will have a boxing match with Tyson Fury in Riyadh. This is a major event in the combat sports world, which is attracting media attention and fans. The match has been contracted for 10 rounds.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Francis Ngannou have connected not for the first time. The Portuguese man personally persuaded the Cameroonian to have his debut fight in Riyadh.

All details were agreed upon and Francis Ngannou landed in Saudi Arabia a few days before his match with Tyson Fury. He, of course, found time to meet with his companion Cristiano Ronaldo. Their broad smiles suggest that the athletes feel good in each other's company.

Cristiano Ronaldo waited for the fighter with a gift. The Al-Nassr footballer gave a watch to the Cameroonian, the value of which exceeds 100 thousand euros. This is the "Heart of Ronaldo" model from the limited edition of Jacob & Co. The owner of the brand promoted in this way is Jacob Arabo, who also met with the athletes.

Francis Ngannou has become the new owner of an expensive gadget, and in the process, helped in promoting watches.

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