NewsHe knocked him out in 7 seconds! An unusual decision followed

He knocked him out in 7 seconds! An unusual decision followed

In the photo: Karlos Vemoli's knockout
In the photo: Karlos Vemoli's knockout
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6:07 PM EDT, October 8, 2023

Czech Karlos Vemola needed seven seconds to defeat Slovak Pavlo Langer at the Oktagon MMA 47 gala. The winner of the main event also received a bonus, but decided to give it to his opponent.

Karlos Vemola has another performance under his belt. The Czech champion fought at the Oktagon MMA 47 event, and in the main event no less. However, his fight lasted only 7 seconds.

Before this fight, Vemola could boast a record of 36 wins and only 7 losses. On the other hand, his opponent Pavlo Langer entered the bout having 12 wins and 10 losses under his belt.

The Czech light heavyweight champion swiftly knocked out the Slovak, who was the interim title holder. Additionally, he did this in his country, where Langer received substantial support from local fans.

Vemola's strong left hook caused him to knock down his opponent. He then followed through and quickly caused the match to be stopped by the referee of this match with rapid blows.

Czech recorded the quickest end to a fight in the history of the Oktagon MMA organization. He managed to finish the match two seconds faster than the previous record holder.

In addition to the victory itself, Vemola was awarded a bonus. He offered it to his opponent because he didn't have any charitable organization in mind to which he could give it.

- I will ask Oktagon to give the bonus to my opponent, because he is a great adversary. He prepared well, he trains hard for his family and child. So he can get the bonus, he's a great guy - stated the Czech in the conversation in the cage.

Despite Vemola showcasing the fastest fight conclusion in this federation, he managed to do it faster in his career. He boasted about this right after the duel with Langer.

- It was a quick KO, seven seconds, in my career I did it in five. I don't think I'll consider it the biggest victory in my career history for many reasons - explained the Czech champion.
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