EntertainmentHe is 24 years old and makes a fortune. "I always work, even on weekends."

He is 24 years old and makes a fortune. "I always work, even on weekends."

He is 24 years old and makes a fortune. "I always work, even on weekends."
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9:58 AM EDT, October 19, 2023, updated: 11:08 AM EDT, October 19, 2023

"Everything they think about me is untrue. Daddy's money - untrue. Privilege - untrue". 24-year-old youtuber, Sebastian Ghiorghiu, known for financial advice he gives to his almost 900,000 followers, firmly denies rumors that circulate about him.

"If you're a guy in your twenties and you don't have a Lamborghini, you should sit down and have a serious discussion with yourself" - a YouTube clip with these words from Sebastian Ghiorghiu hit the internet in January, sparking a slew of comments. This statement was met with outrage by internet users who began to wonder how a 24-year-old could accumulate such a great fortune.

Sebastian Ghiorghiu, born in 1999, is an influencer with a YouTube community of almost 900 thousand followers where he posts financial advice videos. He claims he achieved wealth on his own.

His controversial statement from January sparked speculation. Some commentators doubted whether the 24-year-old really achieved everything on his own, or like many other creators on the internet, he had some "help", e.g. in the form of family money or connections. Now the influencer and entrepreneur stand in his defense, saying "I am not such a person" - we read on the Fortune website.

Everything they think about me is untrue. Daddy's money - untrue. Privilege - untrue. The fact that I'm arrogant - untrue," claims the 24-year-old in a conversation with Fortune.

The road "from rags to riches"

As it turns out, Ghiorghiu's parents emigrated to the United States from Romania in the 80s, and he himself grew up in Detroit in an "extremely small" apartment, sharing a room with two brothers. He recalls that due to their low income, his family received food stamps, and breakfast cereal, which cost 3 dollars, was a "luxury" for him. Their living conditions only changed thanks to the support they received from a church collection, but it still happened that they had no access to electricity due to unpaid bills.

Ghiorghiu was determined to change his life. Initially, he took up nursing studies, but he abandoned them to get a real estate agent license at just 18 years old. As he recalls, he was inspired by a YouTuber creating content in the field of finance.

Today, Ghiorghiu has many sources of income. He is involved in drop shipping, and investing and runs a YouTube channel and a digital marketing agency. He claims to earn about $400,000 a month, and in October of last year, he was able to achieve an income amounting to a million dollars.

How to earn a Lamborghini at the age of 20

As we read in Fortune, a 24-year-old made controversial remarks because he wanted "this clip to go out into the world and gain great popularity". Ghiorghiu believes, explaining his statement from January, that earning $200,000 needed to buy a Lamborghini is not hard when you enter the world of online business. As he points out, much larger amounts are involved in this industry. However, getting there requires a lot of effort.

The young businessman says that work costs him a lot of time and commitment. "I'm always working, even on weekends". As we read, Ghiorghiu knows from his own experience that entering the business world requires some initial capital, which some people simply do not have.

If you don't have money to start, I hope that you're not spending it on alcohol, you're not dining out at any restaurants, and instead you're buying your groceries in the supermarket and cooking in bulk to save money. I hope that you're not living beyond your means in any way, not buying Gucci bags or anything superfluous - advises the young millionaire in conversation with Fortune.

"If you make bad financial decisions, it's your own problem and you must figure it out" - he adds.

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