NewsHe heroically defended his friends, dying after the eighth grenade

He heroically defended his friends, dying after the eighth grenade

He bravely defended his comrades. He was only killed after throwing the eighth grenade.
He bravely defended his comrades. He was only killed after throwing the eighth grenade.
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8:25 AM EST, November 16, 2023

On October 7th, a devastating attack from Hamas struck Israel. Hundreds were killed in the onslaught, and several were taken hostage. Yet in the tortuous aftermath of this tragedy, the heroic story of 22-year-old Aner Shapiro emerged. It was revealed that he only died after a grenade, the eighth one thrown at him, exploded in his hand.

On that frightful day in October, Hamas militants infiltrated towns along the Gaza Strip's borders and killed nearly 1,200 people. Amid those who tragically lost their lives were attendees of a peace-promoting music festival. It was in these circumstances that Aner Shapiro's valiant efforts came to light.

Heroic Defense and Tragic End in the Face of Rising Threat

Shapiro made the ultimate effort to protect his festival companions, who were also hiding in a shelter with him. Braving the circumstances, he repelled seven grenades thrown by Hamas terrorists. The eighth one sadly exploded in his hand, causing his death.

A four-minute video documenting this heartbreaking event was released on Telegram by the South First Responders group. This group is known for regularly publishing materials related to Hamas's attacks on Israel. A nearby car's camera captured Shapiro's selfless act entirely.

The footage chillingly captures a terrified person fleeing from the shelter, followed immediately by a barrage of bullets from Hamas militants. Moments later, the gunfire is directed towards the shelter itself.

Shapiro's grandmother, Yamima Ben-Menahem, expressed deep admiration and pride for the bravery shown by the 22-year-old. In a conversation with Sky News, she highlighted his courage to defend his friends against the Hamas terrorists. "The group tried to escape the party when an alarm sounded and a hail of gunfire ensued," she recounted.

"Militants infiltrated the shelter where Aner and about 30 of his friends were hiding. Yet Aner reassured them. He was certain the army was en route and they just needed to hold out for another half-hour. Always a natural leader, he valiantly stood, throwing back grenade after grenade," expressed the grieving grandmother of the tragically fallen 22-year-old.

An estimated several hundred individuals were in attendance at the Supernova festival near Re'im in southern Israel. It's believed that of these festival attendees, at least 260 tragically lost their lives at the hands of Hamas.

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