EntertainmentHe belittled Van Damme. In the end, he faced public humiliation

He belittled Van Damme. In the end, he faced public humiliation

Action movie heroes: Jean-Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal
Action movie heroes: Jean-Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal
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2:16 PM EDT, October 20, 2023

Jean-Claude Van Damme recently gave an interview in which he was asked about his relationship with Steven Seagal (now everyone asks about Seagal). For years, it's been known that the men do not like each other. Once, at a party at Sylvester Stallone's house, Van Damme proposed that the "guy with the ponytail" step outside with him. Seagal scarpered home.

A serious clash between Jean-Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal occurred in 1991 during a party organized by Sylvester Stallone in Miami. Both rising action movie stars already had their first hits under their belts. Van Damme – "Bloodsport", "Lionheart", "Double Impact"; Seagal – "Above the Law", "Hard to Kill", "Marked for Death".

The source of the conflict were Seagal's media statements, in which he clearly underestimated Van Damme's martial arts skills. The Belgian's European successes (including the team karate championship in semi contact format) did not impress him. Van Damme felt humiliated and insulted. At Stallone's party, he took the opportunity and challenged his rival.

"Will this guy with the ponytail come outside with me to see?" - Van Damme was supposed to have asked loudly. He did not take up the challenge thrown at his feet and slipped away from the party after a few minutes. Seagal still bears the affront to this day.

When he received a very interesting proposal from Stallone to star in "The Expendables", he refused. "I didn't agree to play because I didn't like a few of the people involved in the movie. I simply couldn't look at them" – he said in an interview, and everyone knew that one of those people was definitely Van Damme.

In a recent conversation with "MailOnline", Jean-Claude Van Damme admitted that since the confrontation in Miami, he's often heard about unpleasant words Seagal has directed at him. "What can I do about it? I don't mind that he doesn't like me. I don't think I have a problem with that. If someone like Beethoven or Einstein didn't like me, maybe I would be disturbed. Besides, Seagal lives in another reality now"- Van Damme summarized the topic.

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