NewsHe asked the star for a selfie. Unexpected turnaround

He asked the star for a selfie. Unexpected turnaround

Mykhailo Mudryk while taking a "selfie" with an Arsenal fan.
Mykhailo Mudryk while taking a "selfie" with an Arsenal fan.
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6:31 AM EDT, October 14, 2023

Soccer stars often interact not only with fans of the clubs they play for, but also with fans of their fierce rivals. Such meetings can have surprising outcomes, as the Chelsea footballer, Mykhailo Mudryk, found out while attending the Ukrainian national team's training camp.

There is no doubt that London is one of the largest "football" metropolises in Europe. In the capital of England, as many as seven clubs participating in this season's Premier League have their headquarters. Therefore, it is natural that footballers often meet with fans of their league rivals.

Such a situation happened to the 22-year-old striker, Mykhailo Mudryk, who is at the training camp of the Ukraine national team. The social media gained popularity with a short clip showing the footballer's meeting with one of the fans. The young fan asked Mudryk for a picture when he was heading towards the team bus.

The Ukrainian fulfilled the fan's request and took a selfie with him. When Mudryk started towards the bus again, the young fan decided to inform the footballer about his club sympathies.

London is red - he threw towards Mudryk.

Red is one of the main symbols of another London club, Arsenal, with which Chelsea has competed for the top goals in the past. The fans' declaration clearly surprised Mudryk. The Ukrainian momentarily paused at the bus doors, noticeably annoyed, he addressed the fan:

So why did you ask me for a picture? - asked the soccer player and, without waiting for an answer, he disappeared into the vehicle.

The whole situation is spiced up by a transfer saga, in which Mudryk was the main character at the beginning of the year. The Ukrainian - then a player for Shakhtar Donetsk - caught the attention of the biggest English powerhouses last season. For a long time, it seemed that Arsenal would win the race for his signature, but in the end, the 21-year-old striker accepted an offer from Chelsea.

The London club spent as much as 70 million euros on the Ukrainian. From the perspective of 10 months, which Mudryk spent at Chelsea, it's hard to call this transfer successful. The young striker has only played in 25 matches for "The Blues", scoring just one goal and making two assists.

There is no doubt that this season, Arsenal fans have much more reason to be content. The Gunners in eight rounds of the Premier League have accumulated 20 points and are in second place in the table. Meanwhile, Chelsea has scored 11 points, which puts them in eleventh place in the standings.

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