TechHawks for Ukraine. A help from a faraway country

Hawks for Ukraine. A help from a faraway country

MIM-23 Hawk
MIM-23 Hawk
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3:03 PM EDT, October 6, 2023

The Spanish authorities confirmed the preparation of another aid package for Ukraine. It was revealed that it will include weapons and equipment, which the defending army has been consistently requesting, including the MIM-23 Hawk air defense systems.

The declaration was made during a meeting between Pedro Sanchez and Volodymyr Zelensky. It was accompanied by assurances that Madrid remains among Kyiv's allies and intends to provide assistance as long as necessary.

- Spain will continue to support Ukraine's ability to defend its cities, energy infrastructure, and ports - said Spain's acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

Another MIM-23 Hawk for Ukraine

The MIM-23 Hawk is a ground-to-air air defense system that the Ukrainian army is already very familiar with. They are systematically delivered to the front by several countries, including the United States and other European countries. In this shipment, the Spanish intend to send six batteries.

Although the MIM-23 Hawk entered service quite some time ago, back in the 1960s, they have undergone several modernization programs and also prove to be effective in modern warfare.

Designers at Raytheon initially created this weapon to destroy aircraft, but over time the system has been adapted to also handle selected maneuvering missiles. Initially, it was capable of destroying targets at a maximum distance of 15.5 miles and at altitudes up to 8.7 miles. After modernizations, the maximum interception range has increased to 24.9 miles and at altitudes of 11.2 miles.

Additional support from Spain

Thanking for the support, the president of Ukraine said that in the new package from Spain there will be "additional air defense equipment, artillery and anti-drone systems". Additionally, during the meeting with Pedro Sanchez, both politicians "also discussed supplies of energy equipment for Ukraine before the winter season, and the operation and protection of the grain corridor".

No details have yet been released to the public about the specific equipment involved (other than the MIM-23 Hawk). It's possible that this will change soon; in the case of previous aid tranches, the Spanish provided quite extensive explanations about what weapons would be sent to the front. Madrid has already supported Kiev with heavy equipment, including Leopard 2A4 tanks.

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