FoodHarvard study reveals daily coffee intake for optimal weight loss

Harvard study reveals daily coffee intake for optimal weight loss

Coffee and weight loss
Coffee and weight loss
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1:26 PM EDT, May 4, 2024

Coffee is not a miraculous cure for weight loss; it won't lead to significant changes without physical activity and a balanced diet. Nonetheless, scientific research supports its role in the weight loss journey, and scientists have identified specific benefits.

Wondering how many cups of coffee a day can aid in weight loss? Harvard scientists have provided insights. "The Nutrition Twins," professional dietitians, echoed these findings, emphasizing the attributes of coffee that facilitate weight loss.

Drinking coffee isn't enough to lose weight, but studies have underlined its supportive properties in weight management. A research project by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health involving 126 overweight participants with insulin resistance revealed that those who consumed four cups of black coffee daily for 24 weeks saw a reduction in fat tissue by approximately 4 percent.

The European Food Safety Authority advises that the safe daily caffeine limit is 400 mg, roughly equivalent to four cups of coffee. This level is considered safe for most adults without adverse effects. However, individual sensitivity to caffeine varies, and 400 mg might be excessive for some. Personal health conditions and preferences should guide intake levels.

The role of coffee in weight loss

The intake of two to four or five cups of coffee daily, ensuring a caffeine level of 200 to 400 mg, can contribute to weight loss, as discussed by dietitians Tammy Lakatos Shames and Lyssie Lakatos, also known as "The Nutrition Twins," in a piece with

Does coffee support weight loss?
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"Coffee's caffeine content has a thermogenic effect, which can enhance metabolism, thus burning more calories. Some studies suggest it can help lower BMI, body weight, and fat tissue. It may also suppress appetite and hunger feelings," - the experts are quoted by the American newspaper.

Additionally, the dietitians highlighted other research indicating that consuming coffee up to four hours before a meal can reduce calorie intake. Moreover, they noted that coffee contains chlorogenic acid, which boosts fat burning and may slow carbohydrate absorption. However, they warned that adding high-calorie ingredients like cream, whole milk, or sugar to coffee could negate its calorie-burning potential.

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