EntertainmentHarry Styles faces stalker in court: thousands of messages and a history of threats

Harry Styles faces stalker in court: thousands of messages and a history of threats

Harry Styles' stalker sent him 8000 letters.
Harry Styles' stalker sent him 8000 letters.
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8:08 AM EST, February 22, 2024

One of the most famous artists in the world is facing a severe issue. Harry Styles, a revered idol of both young and older women as well as men, has filed a lawsuit against a stalker. The British star, and numerous award winner, is yet another celebrity who has been forced to deal with such a situation.

Harry Styles' stalker is allegedly romantic

The stalker, known for her obsession with the artist who sang "As It Was," is Myra Carvalho, a 35-year-old woman from Brazil. The woman had flooded the artist with over 8 thousand letters in less than a month. She sent handwritten letters, wedding invitations, and a considerable number of cards ordered online from a postal service. Reportedly, two of these letters were hand-delivered to the former One Direction member, prompting him to draw the line.

The police have gathered information that the woman was residing in a tourist hostel in Earl's Court, West London, having arrived in the United Kingdom's capital in December 2023. Apparently, her family back home had no idea she was in the UK.

Currently, the stalker is held at HM Prison Bronzefield in Surrey, a prison specifically for women located southwest of London. She attended the court proceedings via video link, dressed in black gloves and a coat. Her only interaction during the proceeding was to confirm her name. No plea was put forward. Judge Karim Ezzat ruled that the case would continue in the same court on April 19. If convicted of harassment or stalking, the Brazilian woman could face a maximum of a six-month jail term.

Was Harry Styles' life previously threatened?

In 2015, Harry Styles' fans were gripped in fear due to a disturbing Twitter post: "I created this account to inform everyone that Harry Styles will die on August 5th, 2015 at MetLife Stadium". The post was uploaded to the profile DTAustin21_. The only known thing about the author was that his name was Derek. As a response, the artist's fans initiated the hashtag HarryBeCareful, which incensed Derek further.

The man tweeted a series of threats: "Idiots, you think a stupid trend like #HarryBeCareful can stop what is coming... Harry Styles will die, and nobody will be able to stop it. When the time comes, you will all know that this is not a lie. You are all hypnotized by Harry Styles...... He is not who you think he is. #HarryBeCareful No matter how careful he is, it won't protect him from what is coming. He will die for his sins."

This is not Styles' first encounter with a stalker

In 2022, Harry Styles also pursued legal action against a stalker. The individual was a 29-year-old Spaniard, Diana Tarazaga-Orero, who posed a threat to the artist's security guard, Michelle Roycroft. Tarazaga-Orero believed that Roycroft impeded her romantic involvement with the singer. The stalker, a transgender woman, trespassed into the singer's residence while he was inside. As a result of the incident, Styles recruited a night guard and heightened his security measures, including installing a panic button on his bedroom door.

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