NewsHamas uses weapons from North Korea and Iran

Hamas uses weapons from North Korea and Iran

Hamas uses weapons from North Korea.
Hamas uses weapons from North Korea.
Images source: © PAP | MOHAMMED SABER

9:35 AM EDT, November 3, 2023

Recent reports indicate that Hamas is using weapons sourced from North Korea and Iran. It has also come to light that Kim Jong Un had previously endorsed an attack on Israel.

On Thursday, the Israeli military affirmed that the weapons utilized by Hamas originate from Iran and North Korea. Despite small quantities, these weapons confirm the support both countries provide for assaults on Israel.

North Korea collaborates in an attack on Israel

As per AFP, Hamas employed mortars manufactured in Iran, and rocket-propelled mortar grenades from North Korea.

An estimated 5-10 percent of the arms used were produced in Iran, and roughly another 10 percent originated from North Korea. The remainder was manufactured in the Gaza Strip. The surprising factor was the volume of weapons transported into Israel - stated an anonymous Israeli military official.

Reports attributing the North Korean weapons to an attack on Israel surfaced shortly after the incident. In early October, observers noted Hamas fighters using missiles analogous to those manufactured in Korea.

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