TechHamas uses Russian equipment against Israel's gear

Hamas uses Russian equipment against Israel's gear

Kornet Launcher.
Kornet Launcher.
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11:43 AM EDT, October 31, 2023

A growing influx of recordings, posted by both sides involved in the conflict between Israel and Hamas, is appearing online. Numerous videos document the losses of Israeli tanks and other machinery, with the prime destructor being the Kornet missile launchers from Russia.

Those allied with Hamas possess a variety of weapons. The main ones include basic RPG-7 grenade launchers, similar to those employed on the Ukrainian front lines, as well as more advanced RAAD-T guided missiles from Iran. However, the most formidable of these are the heavy anti-tank Kornet missiles.

These Kornet missiles are causing substantial problems for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). They have evolved to be one of the significant threats to local armored vehicles since the conflict began.

Another video just appeared online, showcasing the strength of the Kornet launcher. This time, an Israeli Panther Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) is the target. It cannot withstand the firepower of the anti-tank missile.

Kornet missiles demolishing Israeli vehicles

The 9M133 Kornet weapon, designated NATO AT-14 Striggan, was developed in 1994 by the Russian firm KBP Tula. It succeeded the 9K113 Konkurs system. Given the latter's development stemmed from the 1960s, over time it made sense to upgrade the lineup of Russian anti-tank systems.

Thus came about the Kornet missile, famed for its laser guidance. This feature ensures that each 9M133 missile can strike specified targets accurately. The manufacturer designed the equipment to be versatile, enabling the launch of projectiles from both portable launchers and mobile platforms such as armored carriers. The Kornet distinguishes itself by having a shaped charge or thermobaric warhead, and its range exceeds 3 miles.

A recording posted by NAFOrrest Gump on platform X showcases the destruction of an Israeli Panther armored vehicle. This vehicle is designed to transport up to 14 soldiers safely. Exterior and interior thermal insulation protect it against fire penetration. The Panther APC employs 7.62 mm machine guns for offensive manoeuvres. Nevertheless, the aforementioned Kornet missiles have proven adept at taking out the heavily fortified Israeli Merkava tanks as well.

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