NewsHamas terrorists with Israeli children. This video went viral

Hamas terrorists with Israeli children. This video went viral

Hamas showed a recording with children that went around the world media.
Hamas showed a recording with children that went around the world media.
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7:56 AM EDT, October 14, 2023

A video has surfaced on social media published by Hamas, which shows terrorists holding "Israeli" infants and children. The video shows men with weapons, among others, holding a small boy. The recording is being talked about all over the world and people do not believe in the true intentions of the Hamas fighters.

The recording shows Hamas members, guarding small children who sit around a table. One of the fighters rocks a stroller in which there lies a crying baby. Others carry scared children in their arms, rock them, and pat them on the back.

According to the Israeli newspaper "The Jerusalem Post," the footage was filmed when Hamas fighters launched an attack on Israel last Saturday.

Reactions to Hamas' recording with "kidnapped" children

In the video, the fighters pose as caring men, trying to create a narrative that reports of how badly they treat prisoners are untrue, explains the "New York Post". Meanwhile, Israel does not confirm that the children from the recording are its abducted citizens.

Western media and organizations, including the UN, indicate that the use of children to achieve goals is particularly egregious in the case of Hamas. There is no tolerance for using children as bargaining chips.

"The Jerusalem Post" adds that the UN has recognized the abduction of children during war as one of the six "serious violations", which it particularly condemns, alongside atrocities such as attacks on hospitals and schools and the recruitment of child soldiers.

The conflict in Israel has been ongoing for years, but the strength and brutality of the latest attack from Hamas shocked the world. On Saturday, October 7, the Palestinian fundamentalist political-military organization launched thousands of rockets and began bombing the largest cities in Israel.

The fighters also broke through to the towns, where they killed and abducted residents. According to "Daily Mail", Hamas has killed over 1300 people - mostly civilians.

Israel's Strong Response

After Saturday's attack by Hamas on Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged a retaliation with a force that the enemy has not seen. The United States has declared its support.

Israel's response to the attack was very harsh. On Tuesday (October 10) military reported that it had "more or less" regained full control over the border with the Gaza Strip. It also resonated strongly with the decision to put the Gaza Strip under a total blockade, which involves completely cutting off the supply of food, electricity, and fuel.

Israel's decision met with a lot of criticism. Opponents of such action warned that a lot of children live in the Gaza Strip, and cutting off "media" will lead to a massive humanitarian crisis.

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