NewsHamas terrorists used captagon. "Cocaine for the poor"

Hamas terrorists used captagon. "Cocaine for the poor"

Hamas terrorists equipped with Captagon. "Cocaine for the poor"
Hamas terrorists equipped with Captagon. "Cocaine for the poor"
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8:00 AM EDT, October 20, 2023

Hamas attacked Israel. It turns out that the fighters who invaded the country were equipped with captagon. The "cocaine for the poor" was found near their corpses.

Captagon is a synthetic stimulant that reduces anxiety, sharpens the senses, and increases endurance.

The "cocaine for the poor" became notable about a decade ago when it was discovered that ISIS terrorists used it before a battle. It's inexpensive and easy to produce - the Jerusalem Post reported - hence, it's popular in the Middle East. It's used by members of military groups, as well as civilians.

Drugs in the Middle East. "Consumption is increasing"

Media investigations, including those conducted by "The New York Times", as well as earlier reports from other media outlets suggest that Middle Eastern terrorist organizations are using money earned from the trade of captagon tablets to finance their operations.

The production and trade are also said to involve the family of the Syrian dictator, and the profits flowing to Syria significantly exceed those from legal exports.

Revenue is difficult to estimate, but consumption is increasing. In Saudi Arabia, it is suspected that the usage exceeds 600 million tablets a year, which means that they were paid for on the street at 9-12 billion.

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