NewsHamas terrorists kidnapped an Israeli boy. This recording went viral

Hamas terrorists kidnapped an Israeli boy. This recording went viral

Hamas terrorists kidnapped an Israeli boy. There is a recording.
Hamas terrorists kidnapped an Israeli boy. There is a recording.
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7:07 AM EDT, October 8, 2023

On Saturday, October 7th, in the morning, Hamas conducted a rocket attack on Israel. "Citizens, we are at war," declared the country's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Since then, numerous reports have been arriving about Hamas fighters murdering civilians on the streets of cities in many districts. Footage showing the abduction of Israelis, including women and children, has also appeared on social media.

In Israel since Saturday, October 7, battles have been taking place with fighters of the Hamas group, who broke through from the Gaza Strip. The attack began around 11.30 PM Eastern Time.

According to information provided by the spokesman for the Israeli army, there has been a penetration of Palestinian forces into Israeli territory from the sea, land, and air - using paragliders for this purpose.

He also announced, that Israel will call up as many reservists as needed, "even hundreds of thousands".

Over 2,000 rockets were fired at Israel. In response, the Israeli military is firing at the Gaza Strip.

As local media reports, an Israeli missile attack on Gaza, a city in the Palestinian Authority which is the capital of the Gaza Strip, caused the collapse of the Al-Watan tower.

With each hour, the number of victims and injuries on both sides continues to rise.

Benjamin Netanyahu: we are starting a long and difficult war

On the night of Saturday (October 7) to Sunday (October 8), Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote on portal X (formerly Twitter): "We are starting a long and difficult war. The war was imposed on us by Hamas's murderous attack."

The first phase of the war ends with the destruction of the majority of enemy forces that had penetrated our territory. At the same time, we have begun an offensive and it will continue relentlessly until the objectives are achieved. We will restore security to the citizens of Israel and we will prevail - added Netanyahu.

Hamas terrorists kidnapped an Israeli boy

In addition to hundreds killed and injured, many civilians were reportedly kidnapped by Hamas fighters. Videos have appeared online.

We see a kidnapped Israeli boy on one of them, who is being held in the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian warriors allow local young Palestinian children to bully him.

The boys are happy with the Jew - we hear in the video.
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