NewsHamas terrorist scared of his father: "He'll kill me for what I've done"

Hamas terrorist scared of his father: "He'll kill me for what I've done"

Omar Sami Marzuk Abu Rusha
Omar Sami Marzuk Abu Rusha
Images source: © Shin Bet | Shin Bet
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3:37 PM EDT, November 2, 2023

The Israeli security service, Shin Bet, has revealed an interview with a Palestinian terrorist. The individual, a member of Hamas' special forces, recounted the horrific incidents of October 7.

The recording, released by Shin Bet on Wednesday, features an interrogation of Omar Sami Marzuk Abu Rusha. In it, he details the crimes he committed near the Gaza Strip, as reported by the New York Post.

Similar to previous terrorists interrogated by Israeli services, Abu Rusha acknowledged he fully understands that Islam prohibits the killing of women, children, and the elderly. He added that despite this principle, Hamas' leadership gave an order to kill indiscriminately. The apprehended combatant confessed his parents were in the dark about his association with Hamas. "If my father sees me, he'll shoot me," he commented. "He'll kill me for letting myself carry out these acts."

Abu Rusha informed his interrogator he was part of forces stationed in Kfar Aza, near the Gaza border. His unit had a single purpose. "Our mission was to kill. The aim wasn't to kidnap but to kill. We were to kill every person we came across," he confessed. The man admitted to an appalling act. Along with his comrades, they slaughtered a group of children taking shelter from them. "We searched the house and heard the sounds of small children coming from one of the rooms. We kept shooting at the room until the noises stopped," he admitted.

The recording reveals Abu Rusha seated in the corner of a bright white room beside an Israeli flag. Thoroughly, the terrorist explains how he and his unit set up ambushes on the residents of Kfar Aza. "We entered the first house. Found the home empty. Hamzeh A-Zarad set the front part of the building on fire," he narrates. "Someone came out from the back towards the yard with a hose. Abu Ahmed and Hamzeh spotted him and killed him," Abu Rusha described the snare laid by his companions.

Hamas fighters carried out similar actions across the whole village, as reported by the New York Post. During the interrogation, Abu Rusha confessed that they shot a woman hiding in one of the houses. "We moved on to the third house. Inside was a woman. Hamza shot her," he admitted. He reassured the questioning officer that the woman was indeed killed, although the terrorists did not go into the house to confirm that. Consequently, Abu Rusha and his squad faced soldiers from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). What followed was a gun battle, and the Palestinians lobbed grenades.

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