NewsHamas stormed into the house of an Israeli family. This video will chill the blood in your veins

Hamas stormed into the house of an Israeli family. This video will chill the blood in your veins

Hamas fighters are taking hostages.
Hamas fighters are taking hostages.
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6:45 AM EDT, October 8, 2023

Since Saturday, October 7, there has been an attack on Israel. News quickly appeared in the media that Hamas fighters are taking hostages among soldiers, but also civilians. In one of the videos that appeared in social media, we see the drama of a four-member family being taken hostage. The parents try to protect the children with their own bodies.

On Saturday, October 7, Hamas launched an attack on Israel. The first rocket was launched at 11:30 PM Eastern Time. Hamas fighters broke through the security and invaded many cities and kibbutzim.

Reports of Hamas taking hostages quickly surfaced. According to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, fighters have been going from house to house and "murdering innocent Israelis" since Saturday morning.

The mayor of the city of Sederot also confirmed that terrorists are murdering civilians. He stressed that there have been "inhuman acts" against innocent people.

More and more terrifying recordings are appearing online. In one of them, shared on X (formerly known as Twitter), we see a four-person family going through a real nightmare.

Palestinian terrorists broke into the home of an Israeli family

The family becomes hostages in their own home. The children are trying to understand the situation, asking questions, crying. The parents are trying to calm them down, although terror is also painted on their faces. The man's hands are stained with blood.

"I wanted her to stay alive," says the boy at one point, choking back tears. "Is there no chance she will come back?" the girl asks. The woman replies negatively. From the conversation, it is clear that the 18-year-old girl is dead, and one of the fighters has declared that "she has gone to heaven."

You can hear shots in the background. The video description suggests that it's the sound of fighting between terrorists and Israeli forces. — Be careful. I can't afford to lose another life right now — says a woman, asking the children to lie on the floor.

At one point, the woman says that she can hear sirens warning of rocket fire. Parents lie on their children, trying to protect them with their own bodies.

The boy is terrified. He asks why his dad is covered in blood. He's worried that the fighters will take his family away somewhere.

Hamas fighters kidnap civilians, who are then transported to the Gaza Strip. It is not known what happened to the family we see in the footage.

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