NewsHamas soldiers on paragliders. Photos went viral

Hamas soldiers on paragliders. Photos went viral

Hamas soldiers were paragliding into Israel.
Hamas soldiers were paragliding into Israel.
Images source: © X
5:11 PM EDT, October 7, 2023

The attack by the Palestinian Hamas on Israel shook almost the entire world. Many reports from the event's center can truly shock, but it's not always about the brutality of the aggressors.

In the early morning of October 7, the Palestinian group Hamas initiated the largest mass attack on Israeli territory in several years. The surprising speed and brutality of the Palestinians shocked not only Israel itself, but indeed the entire world.

After the initial consternation, the government and Israeli military moved into action, beginning the mobilization of reservists and Operation "Iron Swords," which is to be a response to an unprecedented attack.

Hundreds of people have already been killed on both sides, and thousands have been injured - sadly this also includes civilians. Palestinians are supported by other organizations of the Islamic world and it is possible that the attack from the south is not the only threat to Israel. The latter has support in the United States - President Joe Biden has condemned the attack by Hamas and declared his readiness to support the Israelis.

From the very center of events, a lot of videos appear that depict the reality of clashes - often characterized by exceptional brutality. However, some photos or videos shock for other reasons.

In many recordings appearing on platform X (formerly Twitter), you can see Hamas soldiers who have decided to infiltrate Israeli territory with the help of...paragliders. This is by no means a show of desperation by the Palestinians,  Hamas has a special paraglider unit, which has trained for many months for operations just like these.

Of course, comments under such videos are full of various opinions, but one common denominator can be drawn from them - regardless of effectiveness, parachuting into enemy territory is something unusual.

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