NewsHamas members apprehended by Israelis: Their current situation

Hamas members apprehended by Israelis: Their current situation

Israeli soldiers captured a large group of Hamas fighters in the Gaza Strip.
Israeli soldiers captured a large group of Hamas fighters in the Gaza Strip.
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5:22 AM EST, December 8, 2023

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) continues their initiative to restore peace in the Gaza Strip. Recently, they successfully apprehended a large group of Hamas fighters. Previously seen as threatening and belligerent, these individuals are now seemingly defeated and uncertain of their future. Following the October 7 attacks, they face the possibility of imprisonment.

Despite a week-long truce, conflict in the Gaza Strip has flared up. Optimism for peace following the ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinians was short-lived, as militants launched attacks against civilians in Jerusalem. As a result, the authorities in Tel Aviv are not willing to delay their peacekeeping efforts in areas held by Hamas fighters. Despite the continued violence, the IDF remains undeterred.

Hamas had pledged to bring Israel to its knees. Yet, it seems this was just propaganda. The IDF is steadily establishing control over areas within the Gaza Strip, apprehending militants, and reducing the threat from Hamas toward civilians.

The Hamas approach to conflict is without discernment.

The IDF shared footage from the frontline, featuring dozens of Palestinians suspected of Hamas affiliation, who were apprehended and made to squat in the street, reduced to their undergarments for safety reasons. This wardrobe limits their ability to hide weapons or escape without being noticed.

The Shin Bet, Israel's security service, is now involved,

Despite their work, the October 7 attacks still occurred. Until now, Shin Bet (also known as Shabak) has operated in Palestinian territories, infiltrating and disrupting the activities of militants to protect Israel from planned attacks.

However, Hamas skillfully deceived the Israeli forces.

Footage from one of the destroyed cities shows quiet seated Palestinians, the destruction caused by airstrikes and two months of conflict is visible - a stark contrast to the aggressive and violent nature displayed during the earlier strikes against Israel. These attacks showed no mercy towards civilians.

According to the UN, the conflict since October 7 has resulted in over 15,500 Palestinian and over 1,200 Israeli casualties. The IDF reports that although 401 Israeli soldiers have lost their lives in the conflict, only 75 died during the ground offense in the Gaza Strip. The majority fell victim to the terrorist attack on October 7 - a day that brought significant changes.

Conflict continues with the majority of casualties being civilians, while Hamas leaders remain untouched, living luxuriously in other Middle Eastern countries. They continue ordering further attacks, while Israel remains unwilling to retreat and is committed to dismantling the organization that initiated this attack. It's a classic case of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

With the current situation, prospects for peace are bleak.

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