LifestyleHamas killed a 22-year-old woman. Her last message is terrifying

Hamas killed a 22‑year-old woman. Her last message is terrifying

The volunteer was killed by Hamas (@Haviva Man).
The volunteer was killed by Hamas (@Haviva Man).
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2:27 PM EDT, October 24, 2023

The situation in Israel remains very tense. Information about further attacks on civilians is reaching the media. One of the victims of the terrorists was a nurse who dedicated her life to helping others. Her last message is heartbreaking.

The situation in Kibbutz Be'eri was tragic for many days. Terrorists from Hamas attacked hospitals, homes, and many other public spaces. The local hospital was also under fire. It was there that 22-year-old medic, Amit Man, lost her life.

She died saving human lives

The nurse lived and worked in the kibbutz Be’eri in Israel, where a massacre recently took place. The area was surrounded by Hamas terrorists, who indiscriminately shot at the civilian population.

When the situation became tense, the paramedic's friend asked her to stay at home, where she was supposed to be relatively safe. Unfortunately, the desire to help others proved stronger. When Amit Man saw that terrorists were attacking a nearby hospital, she immediately rushed to the rescue.

The dentist and the nurse were there to help her. However, they quickly ran out of supplies, so they had no choice but to hide in the building. When the situation in Be’eri calmed down a bit, the body of the murdered paramedic was discovered.

The last message of the heroic paramedic

When Amit Man realized that she was in a hopeless situation, she decided to contact her loved ones. Her sister, Haviva made their messages public, so the whole world could learn about her heroic attitude.

A 22-year-old spent quite some time exchanging text messages with her sister.

"They are here. They are in the clinic. I guess I can't escape from here anymore" - wrote Amit.

The nurse fought to the very end. She armed herself with a knife, with which she waited for the arrival of terrorists. The woman knew perfectly well that she had no chance against the heavily armed bandits.

"I love you. Thank you. Be strong, if anything happens to me" - this was the last message of a 22-year-old.
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