NewsHamas kidnaps more civilians. A video of a terrified mother goes viral

Hamas kidnaps more civilians. A video of a terrified mother goes viral

Hamas is kidnapping civilians. A mother with children is terrified.
Hamas is kidnapping civilians. A mother with children is terrified.
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6:43 PM EDT, October 8, 2023

On Saturday, October 7, around 12:30 AM Eastern Time, the Hamas attack on Israel began. Civilians are also being murdered and kidnapped. In one of the videos, we see the cry of a terrified mother holding two small children in her hands.

On Saturday, October 7, at 11:30 pm Eastern Time, an attack by Hamas on Israel began. It was the most serious in over 20 years. Fighters penetrated into localities in the south of the country. Some of them were killing or abducting civilians. At the same time, a rocket attack began.

The entire situation is terrifying not only to the residents of Israel themselves, but also to many foreigners residing in this country. What's more, an increasing number of videos are appearing that show how civilians are being abducted.

The most gripping are images of those killed and those where small children are being kidnapped. Anton Gerashchenko, an advisor to the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, publishes many war materials on his Twitter profile.

Since Saturday, his attention has been focused on Israel. In one of the shared videos, we see a mother with two small children, who are amidst terrorists. The captured woman is extremely terrified and fears for her life.

Requests for prayers have appeared in the comments for the sake of mothers with children and other innocent victims of war. - This is a very alarming and tragic situation. The heart breaks - comment terrified people.

Hamas attacked Israel. The Prime Minister responds

After Hamas' attack on Israel on Saturday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised a retaliation of a force the enemy has not seen before. The USA declared its support. On the night from Saturday to Sunday, Israeli troops attacked the Gaza Strip, destroying, among other things, a 46-story tower in the center of Gaza, in which there were several dozen apartments in addition to the Hamas office. An attack on Lebanon was also carried out in addition to the Gaza Strip.

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