TechHamas has a new weapon. The world is shocked

Hamas has a new weapon. The world is shocked

Hamas fighters showed Mutabar-1
Hamas fighters showed Mutabar-1
Images source: © twitter, @clashreport
10:55 AM EDT, October 10, 2023

A propaganda film published by Hamas showed a previously unseen weapon used by members of this organization. Although the Mutabar-1 may seem simple and improvised, it can be a threat to opponents.

Supposedly, this weapon was prepared by Hamas, but it is possible that one of the countries supporting these militants helped in its development or in providing necessary components. The East is the most likely direction. The attack on Israel is approved by Iran.

As we have already reported, this is reflected in the armament of Hamas members, who use, among other things, Iranian anti-tank weapons. Mutabar-1 has not appeared in public so far, but now it has been given a lot of attention.

"Mutabar-1 in the hands of Hamas"

Mutabar-1 is an air defense system. Due to its design, it should be considered as a very short-range system. Published material shows that the complex consists of a launcher that can rotate 360 degrees and missiles with a fuse. It can also be seen that it is operated remotely, from an improvised command post.

The exact distance that Mutabar-1 can launch projectiles remains unknown (probably not more than a few miles). Some military-themed portals suggest that Mutabar-1 probably does not have high accuracy, which is reflected in its operating principle.

It may be based on the assumption that projectiles are detonated at a certain height, and fragments of the warhead are to penetrate a specified area, rather than hit a specific target in the air. Only the angle of fire is regulated, from approximately 20 to about 70 degrees. This could be a weapon against unmanned aerial vehicles or low-flying helicopters.

Earlier, there were reports suggesting that the warriors of the Hamas group have Strela-2 sets. These are also simple, yet quite old systems that can be used to shoot down aerial targets. In this case, the missiles are launched from the shoulder, and this equipment has been created for the needs of the Russian army. It has been used since 1968. The missile system was modernized to Strela-2M in 1972.

Currently, the Russians are trying to exploit the conflict in the Middle East for their purposes. They carry out provocations against Ukraine. They send weapons to Israel, seized from Ukrainian soldiers, and broadcast the false message that Kiev supports Hamas by providing terrorists with Western weapons.

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