NewsHamas government complex in Gaza seized and destroyed by Israeli military

Hamas government complex in Gaza seized and destroyed by Israeli military

Bombardments in the Gaza Strip
Bombardments in the Gaza Strip
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1:48 AM EST, November 30, 2023, updated: 2:00 AM EST, November 30, 2023

The parliament building of Hamas was demolished. Two days prior to the destruction, the Hamas Legislative Council building was taken over by Israeli soldiers from the 13th battalion. Footage of the significant explosion is currently being disseminated by Israeli media networks.

Israeli armed forces gained control of multiple government buildings held by Hamas, a Palestinian organization labelled as terrorist, two days ago. These buildings are situated in Gaza, the capital of the Gaza Strip. Among the seized structures was the local parliament building. Israeli soldiers from the 13th battalion took a memorable picture inside the building, which has since gone viral.

Destruction of Hamas Parliament

The Israeli military's public affairs division announced that their soldiers now also commandeer the offices of police and intelligence, previously occupied by Hamas.

Two days after securing control over the parliament building, it was destroyed. There is online footage purportedly showing the demolition of the Hamas parliament. However, upon verification, the explosion was seen taking place at a different location.

In addition to the buildings, a training base for Hamas was seized by the army. This base was used to prepare for an attack on Israel planned for October 7. The base was equipped with rooms for interrogations and cells for captive holding.

The Israel National News portal reported that Israeli soldiers have also taken control of a cement factory. This factory was used by Hamas to build tunnels for storing weapons and explosives.

An Israeli army officer, during a conversation with Walla portal journalists, affirmed that "we have discovered elements of infrastructure belonging to Hamas in each of the governmental buildings, schools, and residences that we have commandeered".

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