NewsHamas boasts about achievements, claiming "We cause harm"

Hamas boasts about achievements, claiming "We cause harm"

Hamas boasts of their successes. "We inflict damage."
Hamas boasts of their successes. "We inflict damage."
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9:18 AM EST, December 3, 2023

On Saturday, Hamas announced it had attacked Israeli soldiers northwest of Gaza city, claiming to have "caused death and injury". The terrorists also admitted to shelling southern Israel with rockets.

An Israeli army spokesman stated that since the ceasefire ended, the Palestinian side has launched over 250 rockets at Israel. He also reported that the military, operating in the north of the Gaza Strip, is presently clashing with Hamas forces and its allied groups. To date, Israel has targeted 400 sites in Gaza.

With the resurgence of the fighting, the Palestinian Ministry of Education announced that Sufyan Tayeh, the rector of the Islamic University of Gaza and a noted mathematician, was killed during an air raid on the city of Al-Fallujah, northeast of Gaza.

"We aim for the complete elimination of Hamas"

According to Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, the military is now striking Gaza areas it has not attacked since the war began. "Over the past two days, we've acted in regions we hadn't operated in last month, and this number will increase. This operation will reach every needed area. We aim for the complete elimination of Hamas," said Gallant during a visit to Israeli reservists near the Gaza Strip. Gallant also added that the commanders of Hamas battalions in northern Gaza are well aware of what the IDF can do.

He further praised the IDF for a "significant achievement" - the successful rescue of 110 hostages. He emphasized that no army in the world has achieved this in combat with a terrorist organization, and credited the strength of the IDF during the press conference.

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