NewsHackers strike Russian prison system in wake of Navalny's death

Hackers strike Russian prison system in wake of Navalny's death

Will they tell the truth about Navalny? Hacker attack in Russia
Will they tell the truth about Navalny? Hacker attack in Russia
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7:32 PM EDT, April 1, 2024, updated: 2:59 AM EDT, April 2, 2024
The aftermath of Alexei Navalny's death, the prominent Russian opposition leader, continues to resonate deeply. The 47-year-old lawyer was laid to rest at Borisov Cemetery in Moscow, leaving many to ponder the true reasons behind his untimely demise. CNN reported that after Navalny's death, hackers infiltrated the Federal Prison Service system, downloading data on thousands of inmates. The question remains: Will this mystery ever be resolved?
As reported by CNN, just a few hours after the death of Alexei Navalny in February, a group of anti-Kremlin hackers began seeking retribution within a Russian prison. According to their reports, by gaining access to the computer network of the Russian penitentiary system, these hackers managed to place a photo of Navalny on a prison contractor's hacked website.

Additionally, these hackers exploited their access to the Russian prison system's online marketplace—a platform where family members purchase food for incarcerated loved ones. They adjusted the pasta and canned beef prices to one ruble, approximately 0.01 dollars.

Most significantly, this group of hackers absconded with data about thousands of prisoners. They vowed to utilize this information to spread awareness about Navalny's death and the circumstances surrounding his case.

According to CNN, the hackers acquired records of 800,000 prisoners and their relatives. Time will tell if their promises will materialize.
The news of Navalny's death sent shockwaves around the world on February 16. Reports flooded global media that the oppositionist had collapsed during a routine walk. Despite attempts at resuscitation, his life could not be salvaged. Yulia Navalnaya, the politician's widow, firmly believes her husband was assassinated at the Kremlin's behest.

Following her husband's death, Navalny's mother, Ludmila, filed a lawsuit in a Russian court, arguing that her son was denied proper medical attention. In a baffling response to her grievance, it was asserted that the only individual entitled to lodge such a complaint was Alexei Navalny himself.

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