LifestyleGynecologist shares her thoughts on intimate hair

Gynecologist shares her thoughts on intimate hair

The gynecologist runs her channel on TikTok.
The gynecologist runs her channel on TikTok.
Images source: © TikTok | drsadafobgyn
8:51 PM EST, November 11, 2023

Dr. Sadaf, an esteemed gynecologist, has spent years actively engaging with the public on social media, sharing informational videos on gynecology topics. One of her discussions centers around important facts every woman should be aware of before a doctor's visit.

For many women, especially younger girls, scheduling a gynecologist appointment creates apprehension and stress. Dr. Sadaf addresses these concerns through her TikTok profile, @drsadafobgyn, where she prepares brief videos answering the three most frequent inquiries from patients.

Advice from a gynecologist to consider before your appointment

The first matter Dr. Sadaf tackles pertains to the tests that should be administered during a gynecologist's visit. She emphasizes that if a patient is above 21 years old, it's beneficial to undergo cytology and breast exams, in addition to the standard gynecological examination.

Dr. Sadaf further looks into another common concern: how to navigate a gynecologist appointment while menstruating. Her advice is that, if possible, schedule the visit around the menstrual cycle. This is due to the fact that examinations during menstruation can become more complicated and less comfortable for the patient.

Is depilation of intimate areas necessary before a doctor's visit?

A frequent query among women is whether they should depilate intimate areas prior to a gynecologist appointment. Addressing this concern, Dr. Sadaf stresses that while every woman holds the right to choose what to do with her body, depilation before an appointment is not required. She assures patients that the primary focus of a gynecologist is their health and comfort, not the appearance of their intimate areas. Therefore, stressing over shaving before an exam is unnecessary.

A majority concurred with her standpoint on this matter. However, the notion of scheduling appointments around menstruation sparked debate among internet users, with comments such as "Number two is questionable" and "Number two? Hm, no". Yet, one woman shared her personal experience, "I completely agree with the second point. It was hard having an appointment and bleeding, but I had to proceed because I needed a hysterectomy".

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