LifestyleGynecological guru: Passero's four key health advisories for women

Gynecological guru: Passero's four key health advisories for women

The specialist talks about four harmful habits that occur in women.
The specialist talks about four harmful habits that occur in women.
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11:39 AM EST, November 10, 2023

Taylor Passero is a certified midwife and a Gynecological assistant who often dispenses health advice on social media. Recently, she took to her platforms to address four things every woman should avoid.

The internet is rife with suggestions on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, clever hacks for home management, and money-saving strategies. Not all of them may resonate with us but when it comes to health advice, it is crucial to pay heed, especially when it is shared by experienced specialists. Taylor Passero, who works in the gynecological and obstetric department, talked about four things she personally abstains from as a woman, recently on TikTok.

Physical activity, personal hygiene, and intimate health

The first thing Passero addressed was the importance of post-workout hygiene. She cautioned against keeping on tight, sweaty leggings after engaging in a physical activity. Instead, she advised taking a shower promptly after working out and then changing into fresh clothes.

Yeasts thrive in warm, humid conditions, potentially leading to bacterial inflammation in the vagina. The moist, close-fitting environment provided by sweaty clothes is, therefore, a fertile breeding ground for yeast infections.

The specialist stressed the paramount importance of intimate hygiene, but also advised diligence while choosing products.

According to Taylor Passero, this holds true for all products - soaps, liquids, or sprays. They can all cause irritations of the vagina and vulva.

Something women often overlook on vacation

The third issue she advised paying heed to, particularly on vacation, is avoiding prolonged wear of a wet swimsuit. A wet bathing suit can also promote bacterial growth and subsequent infections.

Lastly, Passero highlighted the importance of urinating after sex. Not many people are aware of the potential benefits of such a practice.

While it's not a foolproof method to prevent urinary tract infections, it has proven effective in many cases and is certainly worth the effort.

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