LifestyleGym-goer's struggle with large bust: from quadruple bras to back pain

Gym‑goer's struggle with large bust: from quadruple bras to back pain

The TikToker complains about having a large bust.
The TikToker complains about having a large bust.
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12:12 PM EST, January 10, 2024

Many women with substantial busts often express their discomfort. Their complaints range from problems with posture to back pain intensified by excessive weight and difficulties in finding an adequate bra. However, this doesn't resonate with all women - some appreciate their figures without experiencing these troubles in daily life.

TikToker Discusses Challenges of Large Bust, Wears Four Bras

A TikToker, Billie, chose to share her struggle, especially pronounced when she's at the gym. Despite being an exercise fanatic, her large bust often creates significant impediments. To attain a comfortable workout regime, she resorts to wearing four bras. In her video, she documented the entire process. The first bra is a standard soft design, followed by two conventional sports bras, and finally a supportive top.

"The troubles of having large breasts at the gym" - she captioned the video.

As it transpires, cardio training poses particular challenges for the TikToker. When asked by a user if she experiences discomfort during running, Billie responded affirmatively, citing pain in her back and chest.

'Why Is This an Issue?' The Internet Reacts, Draws Lines

The video went viral, amassing over 4.5 million views. Some netizens demonstrated empathy, understanding Billie’s struggle.

"It's kind of you to create content for those facing similar struggles", one commenter wrote. "So, it's not just me struggling with this", another added. "Big challenge, big solution", joked a third.

However, the sentiment was not universally shared. Some insisted it wasn't a real issue. "Why is this a problem? Does it hamper your training in any way? I don't believe so," a comment under the TikTok video read.

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