NewsGuardian geese at a prison. An unusual idea from Brazil

Guardian geese at a prison. An unusual idea from Brazil

A Brazilian prison has employed geese as guards.
A Brazilian prison has employed geese as guards.
Images source: © Unsplash | Sanjoy Saha

8:51 PM EST, December 8, 2023

The use of animals to serve humanity is nothing new. However, prison authorities near Florianopolis in Brazil have implemented an out-of-the-ordinary approach involving geese.

In the State Penitentiary Complex in São Pedro de Alcântara, located near the city of Florianopolis in Brazil, the prison authorities decided that geese would become allies in maintaining prison order. This unusual strategy has been successfully implemented since 2009, and to this day, the birds continue to perform effectively. However, one might wonder why geese are used in a prison?

The answer lies in a very significant attribute of these birds: their unmatched vigilance. By nature, geese are territorial defenders, aggressively protecting their space against any intruder. This characteristic is what the prison authorities decided to leverage.

The residential geese in the prison regard it as their home, thereby functioning as living alarms during inmates' escape attempts. It's almost impossible to sneak past these alert creatures unnoticed, as their loud and distinct honking serves as an immediate alert for the prison staff.

Guard geese: Where nature and technology collaborate

The exact number of geese employed in the Brazilian prison, which can house up to 1,300 inmates, remains unknown. However, what's known is that they receive appropriate veterinary care and a balanced diet, ensuring the feathered guardians are always ready for action.

Geese are not the only security measure in place at the COPE prison, which is regarded as one of the safest penitentiaries in Brazil due to electronic security measures and trained staff. However, the incorporation of the geese's instinct adds an extra, highly dependable layer of security complementing the technology.

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