EntertainmentGuard reduces fan to tears. See what happened next

Guard reduces fan to tears. See what happened next

In the picture: a situation with a boy that ended with a happy ending.
In the picture: a situation with a boy that ended with a happy ending.
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12:52 PM EDT, October 27, 2023

Recently during a match in Alkmaar, a young fan was left distraught after a guard took away his banner, which requested a player's shirt. Even though his banner was confiscated, his mood improved dramatically post-match.

Last season, AZ Alkmaar previously made the headlines due to their fans' unsportsmanlike conduct during a match against West Ham United. A similar situation presented itself in this year's Conference League's 2nd round, where a fiasco followed their match against Legia Warsaw. Dariusz Mioduski, the president, was assaulted by security guards while Josue and Radovan Pankov were jailed overnight.

This saga isn't over yet; Dutch security from Alkmaar is once again in the spotlight, this time for their poor handling of a young fan during a 3rd round match hosted by AZ Alkmaar against Aston Villa.

The young fan was disallowed to display his banner, where he requested Moussa Diaby's shirt - a common gesture among spectators. In a shocking turn of events, a guard took away this banner, which left the fan in tears.

However, this did not end there. After a convincing 4:1 victory by Aston Villa over AZ Alkmaar, French midfielder Diaby was moved by the young fan's request, which he made during warm-up.

A video posted on the English club's official social media account showcased the young fan stepping onto the field and then being approached by Diaby. The two exchanged fist bumps and hugs took a joint picture, and the Frenchman even gifted the boy his match jersey.

"This is what it's all about" - these were the words used to caption the video on the club's Platform X profile (formerly known as Twitter).

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