EntertainmentGrowing up in the Playboy Mansion. An update on Hugh Hefner's children

Growing up in the Playboy Mansion. An update on Hugh Hefner's children

Each of Hugh Hefner's children had their own idea of life.
Each of Hugh Hefner's children had their own idea of life.
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6:52 AM EST, December 11, 2023

The world-famous celebrity, Hugh Hefner, had four offspring. Despite his passing six years ago, some of his children continue to carry on their father's fondly remembered legacy. Let's find out what they're up to these days.

Few know that Hugh Hefner began as a cartoonist and copywriter. He established "Playboy" magazine in 1953. Then in 1971, he set up the infamous Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, which became the home of the Playboy Bunnies. Hefner himself was married thrice throughout his life.

Hefner's Children: Older than the Playboy Bunnies

Hefner's first two children were born to his wife Mildred Williams Gunn, whom he wed in 1949. Christie was born in 1952, and David in 1955. With his subsequent wife, Kimberly Conrad, he fathered two sons - Marston (b. 1990) and Cooper (b. 1991).

At just 23, Christie took over as the Chairman of Playboy Enterprises and later became its Chief Executive Officer. She chose to step down after a consistent 20-year tenure, turning her focus towards charitable activities. Remarkably, she never disparaged the lifestyle her father, Hugh Hefner, chose to lead.

"Regardless of their roles, everyone from models to journalists were treated with the same respect in the magazine," she claimed in an interview.

The Hefner Sons: A Rocky Ride

Following Hugh Hefner's death, his fortune was portioned out amongst his children.

David Hefner chose not to professionally align himself with "Playboy". Known for preserving his private life, he avoids the spotlight. It's known that he previously indulged in computer consulting, and in 2010, he produced the film "Forgotten Pills".

In 2012, Marston found himself behind bars for domestic violence charges. Currently, he remains active as a writer and founder of "Young Magazine". Notably, he also operates an OnlyFans account.

Hugh Hefner's youngest son, Cooper, stepped into his father's shoes as the creative director of Playboy Enterprises after his death. Cooper is also known for his private life as the husband of actress Scarlett Byrne, with whom he has three children.

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