EntertainmentGriselda" on Netflix: A shocking portrayal of brutal baroness surpassing even Italian mafia

Griselda" on Netflix: A shocking portrayal of brutal baroness surpassing even Italian mafia

The star of the series "Griselda" is Sofia Vergara.
The star of the series "Griselda" is Sofia Vergara.
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3:24 AM EST, January 31, 2024, updated: 4:37 AM EST, March 7, 2024

The saga "Griselda" evoked a wide range of emotions among its audience. Among the affected was the son of the Colombian drug baroness, Michael Corleone Blanco (named after the character from "The Godfather"). He suggested that if his mother had been alive, she might have sternly confronted the series' creators in a "Colombian style".

"Regardless of anything, they should respect my mother enough to discuss the narrative with her youngest son - also her closest friend, who visited her in prison five times a week for 23 years. This is not merely an affront to me, but a violation against my lineage. It matters not where you live or how significant your status currently is," Blanco expressed.

In her prime, my mother was revered as a porcelain doll. Mayors, governors, and politicians across various countries vied for my mother's favor. Even in the United States, she was considered the cream of the crop. She wasn't a saint, but my mother was a star and a queen," Michael Corleone passionately declares, seemingly unphased by the fact that his mother, Griselda Blanco, orchestrated the murder of his father.

Series becomes a Netflix success

As evidenced by the storyline, the six-episode Netflix series portrays a particularly haunting narrative. Its lead character has condemned over 200 people to death. Beginning in New York and later spreading to Florida during the 70s and 80s, she formed a potent criminal organization. Importing cocaine from Colombia, she garnered mammoth profits, establishing herself as the leading figure in this industry in the United States - even surpassing the Italian mafia.

Griselda | Official Trailer | Netflix

"Griselda," starring Colombian-born Sofia Vergara, notable for her role in "Modern Family," emerged as Netflix's most popular title last weekend. It has already attracted a global audience of 20.6 million viewers. Over the past five days, "Griselda" has consistently topped the US Netflix chart.

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