NewsGrenade blast in Brovary: Chased man attacks police officer

Grenade blast in Brovary: Chased man attacks police officer

Explosion near Kyiv. A man threw a grenade at a police officer.
Explosion near Kyiv. A man threw a grenade at a police officer.
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6:02 AM EDT, May 12, 2024

On Saturday evening in the center of Brovary, a suburb of Kyiv, an explosion rocked the area. A man, attempting to escape a police officer, detonated a grenade in the officer's direction. Both individuals sustained injuries in the incident.

The unsettling event unfolded in suburban Brovary, just outside of Kyiv. Around 2:40 PM Eastern Time, residents were startled by a loud explosion. Police and emergency services were quick to respond to the scene.

"Based on preliminary information, two individuals were injured, including one police officer. Emergency medical teams and law enforcement are currently at the scene, and details of the incident are under investigation," Mayor Ihor Sapożko reported shortly after the occurrence.

Suspilne, Ukraine's national public broadcaster, noted that no air raid alert was issued in the area at the time, suggesting that the explosion was likely not the result of Russian artillery.

It emerged later that Brovary's police were initially alerted to a report involving "hooligan acts" by an unidentified male.

A grenade thrown at a pursuing officer

"Upon arriving at the reported address, the individual started to flee. A police officer gave chase. It was during the pursuit that the suspect hurled a grenade at the pursuing officer. Both the officer and the assailant were wounded as a result of the explosion," according to a statement from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

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