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Greek government introduces six‑day workweek in industrial sectors

Greece wants to introduce a six-day workweek
Greece wants to introduce a six-day workweek
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4:37 PM EDT, June 21, 2024

The Greek government has introduced a six-day workweek in specific industrial sectors. This change targets companies that operate continuously around the clock, providing an incentive for employees through increased pay.

Globally, there is growing discussion about shortening the workweek. Some companies are adopting a four-day workweek. Many people frequently mention that they would like to work less. However, the citizens of Greece do not have that luxury. In the fall of 2023, the Greek government passed a law introducing a six-day workweek for continuously operating companies and industries.

Greek citizens work the most in all of Europe

According to scientists' data, Greeks work an average of 41 hours a week, making them the hardest-working nation in Europe. The new regulation will increase this average to 48 hours per week, making this difference even more pronounced.

The six-day workweek will apply to industries and companies that operate continuously, such as those with continuous production lines. The Capital.gr portal explains: "This measure was adopted to meet emergency staffing needs in sectors during periods of intensified production." Companies without continuous production but which could benefit from uninterrupted work can also take advantage of the new law. This includes industrial-manufacturing enterprises that produce and sell local products and those in the tourism sector.

Six-day workweek not for everyone

Government employees, including administration, teachers, lecturers, and bank employees, are excluded from the six-day workweek. The reasoning is that "they do not belong to the category of businesses operating continuously."

The employer decides whether to have a six-day workweek. The law stipulates that they must notify the employee of the change no later than 24 hours before the next shift. The government is encouraging workers with increased pay—those who work a Saturday shift will receive an additional 40% of their daily wage, but if the sixth working day falls on a holiday, the bonus will be 75%.

The Labor Inspectorate will monitor the extended working hours and determine whether the six-day workweek is warranted for a specific company.

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