FoodGreek coffee trend: Tahini takes your morning brew to the next level

Greek coffee trend: Tahini takes your morning brew to the next level

Such coffee is good for the intestines.
Such coffee is good for the intestines.
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9:38 AM EDT, June 8, 2024

Coffee has recently become a delightful subject for experimentation. New ideas for it keep emerging. Now, Greek-style coffee is gaining popularity.

In Greece, everyone loves coffee. Cold coffee, which originated in this country, is popular around the world. It refers to frappe. Subsequent versions of iced coffee were developed on this basis. Will the next Greek idea for coffee also be well-received?

Not just for hummus

Do you recognize tahini paste? It is strongly associated with Middle Eastern cuisine. It is added to hummus and serves as the base for halva. This is the secret ingredient in Greek women's coffee, which is also becoming popular in other countries. It transforms this beverage into an even healthier and more nutritious drink.

Reliable fiber

Tahini is a paste made from roasted and ground sesame seeds. Although a teaspoon of tahini contains about 42 calories, adding it to coffee can aid the weight loss. Everything becomes apparent when the commonly used term appears in the context of losing pounds. Of course, it's about fiber, which sesame seeds are rich in. It provides a lasting feeling of fullness, benefits the digestive system, and helps eliminate retained waste in the intestines.

Needed vitamins

Fiber is essential, but not the only reason to try coffee with tahini. This paste is also rich in B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc. It contains essential unsaturated fatty acids and plant protein needed for the proper functioning of the body. Additionally, sesame seeds contain antioxidants, which have antidepressant and anti-inflammatory effects.

Brew coffee like in Greece

Are you making coffee with tahini? Nothing could be simpler. Tahini tastes best with black coffee without sugar, but you can also try other versions. Brew the coffee, let it cool slightly, and add a teaspoon or less of sesame paste to the cup.

Sesame paste has an intense flavor, so adjust the amount to your preference. And how do Greek women do it? If you have a briki pot at home, you can try it. Add finely ground coffee to the briki, pour in water, and mix. Bring the coffee to a boil. Put the appropriate amount of tahini in a cup and gradually pour in the coffee, stirring continuously. Once the tahini dissolves, Greek coffee with tahini is ready. It has a nutty flavor. Sugar is not needed at all.

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