FoodGordon Ramsay's dining-out advice: How to decipher red flag menu wording

Gordon Ramsay's dining-out advice: How to decipher red flag menu wording

Gordon Ramsey explains which dishes not to order
Gordon Ramsey explains which dishes not to order
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12:40 PM EST, January 22, 2024

When at a restaurant, we're often drawn to the most appealing-sounding dishes on the menu that align with our taste preferences. Rarely do we delve deeper into what the description might imply. However, as Ramsay has warned, specific phrases may be red flags hinting at less-than-satisfactory dishes. In an interview with the Daily Mail, he explains some of these dubious terms, while underlining that not every establishment uses deceptive wording, and there are indeed places that genuinely prioritize patron satisfaction.

Gordon Ramsay's advice on what not to order: Deciphering the red flag words

Beginning his list, Ramsay draws attention to terms like "famous", "best in the country", or "top spot". These are often unfounded claims. After all, how does one definitively establish a dish to be the best? "Who said so? Who named it that way?" Ramsay questions, wondering if there are any criteria or if the title is simply self-proclaimed.

The acclaimed Scottish chef also advises caution when seeing the word "specialties" on a menu. A multitude of specialties should immediately raise eyebrows. If there are a dozen specialties, does it not suggest that no dish truly stands out? Ramsay raises this question pointing to the potential fallacy of such claims.

Ramsay further discourages ordering the soup of the day. More often than not, it proves a misstep. He suggests asking the server about the previous day's soup, only to discover if it's the same dish relabeled as the soup of the day, month after month.

Gordon Ramsey explains which dishes not to order
Gordon Ramsey explains which dishes not to order© Licensor
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