TechGoogle's breakthrough: Track your phone even when it's off

Google's breakthrough: Track your phone even when it's off

Google's breakthrough: Track your phone even when it's off
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7:34 AM EDT, April 17, 2024

In the first days of April, Google unveiled the latest iteration of its Find My Device service, which enables tracking of lost or stolen phones using Bluetooth. This updated version of the service, currently exclusive to Google devices, is set to expand to other models soon.

The capability to track a phone after it has been turned off or its battery has drained is limited to the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro models. Yet, Android Authority was informed that this technology will also be available to phones from other manufacturers.

Thanks to Google, finding a turned-off phone is now possible

Google has announced it is actively working to broaden this feature's compatibility in close cooperation with phone and chip manufacturers. Achieving this goal necessitates special, energy-efficient hardware that allows the Bluetooth module to function even when the phone's other components are powered down.

The Android team openly admits that the ability to locate turned-off or battery-depleted smartphones will initially be confined to select, higher-end models. However, they plan to extend this feature to more affordable devices. Within a few years, this expansion could set a new standard in the market, thus delivering bad news to smartphone thieves.

Apple took a similar step for its users in 2021, introducing this feature in the iOS 15 update. This update includes all leading iPhone models starting from the series 11. Whether Android will retrofit this support for existing phone models remains to be seen.

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