TechGoogle unveils engage SDK to boost Android app interaction

Google unveils engage SDK to boost Android app interaction

Google Play Store
Google Play Store
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9:22 AM EDT, May 21, 2024

During the recent Google I/O 2024 conference, the tech giant unveiled its new plan to promote Android applications outside its Play Store.

The project, aimed at re-engaging users with already installed apps and encouraging the discovery of new ones, has already gained support from over 35 development partners. These include big names like Spotify, Pinterest, and TikTok. According to TechCrunch, Google's new proposal centers on developers using a specially developed SDK to present content uniquely.

New platform for developers

During one of the sessions at I/O, Google provided more details about the operation of the new SDK, known as Engage SDK, which aims to draw users back to apps by presenting engaging content, promotions, and offers. Mekka Okereke, GM of Apps at Google Play, explained that the new interface will automatically organize the most important content from the apps installed on a user’s Android phone, making it easier to continue activities between apps.

This promising initiative is set to be exclusive to Android devices and is supposed to provide users with full-screen, immersive experiences featuring key content from their apps.

Impact on the market and creators

Developers will be able to offer direct links to specific pages within their mobile apps, making it easier for users to engage with the available content. The consumer segment is set to launch later this year, and initial tests already indicate a short integration period with the SDK, expected to take less than a week. Tumblr has expressed enthusiasm about collaborating with Google, highlighting the potential for building connections between communities. TechCrunch reports that this initiative could significantly impact how users discover and interact with apps, thereby affecting the entire mobile ecosystem.

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