TechGoogle sets 2024 deadline for Chrome and Calendar on Android 7

Google sets 2024 deadline for Chrome and Calendar on Android 7

Old models of Samsung Galaxy
Old models of Samsung Galaxy
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6:52 AM EST, November 29, 2023

An end is approaching for one of the earlier Android versions. At the start of 2024, two essential apps, the browser and the calendar, are set to become obsolete on these devices.

Regarding phones and tablets, their usefulness depends heavily on whether the operating system installed continues to receive technical support. Android is set to discontinue support for one of its versions starting from 2024. This news has been reported by 9to5Google.

The end for Android 7: Neither Chrome nor Calendar will function

The Android 7 system, also known as Nougat, is the one in question here. It was launched in 2016, and Google plans to phase it out in their typical fashion: by eliminating the ability to use selected apps.

Consequently, on older phones running on Android 7, we will soon lose the ability to access both the Chrome browser and the Calendar app. These apps are about to alter their minimum technical requirements, and the oldest supported operating system will be Android 8.0 from 2017.

This shift is scheduled to take effect in early 2024. It will be marked by users receiving a message when attempting to launch either of these two apps; the message will inform them that "the current version of Android is no longer supported. To continue using the apps, please update your operating system".

Popularity of Android Systems

However, this change will not affect a large number of people. According to the most recent data, the Android 7.1 system is installed on only 3% of active Android devices, and all older versions collectively account for 5% of the devices.

The most frequently observed version on active devices is Android 11, which had its official launch in 2020. The latest system version is Android 14, but it will take many months before it achieves notable popularity.

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