TechGoogle restricts RCS on rooted Android phones to fight spam

Google restricts RCS on rooted Android phones to fight spam

Phone with Android system
Phone with Android system
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5:51 AM EST, March 2, 2024

Google prefers that users not excessively modify their phones. According to 9to5Google, individuals with rooted Android systems are encountering issues with message sending. More specifically, RCS chats fail to function in the default messaging app.

Users who have chosen to unlock their smartphones by rooting can neither receive nor send RCS messages. Various reports reveal that messages, instead of reaching the recipient, simply vanish, leaving users without any notification of the app malfunctioning.

Consequently, they might remain unaware that messages intended for them are not being delivered. Interestingly, attempting to use Google Wallet on a rooted device prompts a message that the action is not allowed due to security reasons.

Google aims to curb spam

As mentioned on 9to5Google, Google has acknowledged the RCS functionality issue on certain devices. This measure aims to curb spam and abuse while ensuring devices adhere to RCS standards.

Google has commented that although RCS features are disabled on devices with an unlocked bootloader, sending standard SMS messages remains feasible. However, users adept at rooting have found workarounds to bypass the RCS access blockade. Information on such methods is readily available for those interested. Nevertheless, it's important to note that rooting a phone could cause damage and void the warranty. Therefore, this action should only be undertaken by those fully aware of the associated risks and equipped with the necessary skills.

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