TechGoogle Messages Beta tests editing feature: Say goodbye to text faux pas

Google Messages Beta tests editing feature: Say goodbye to text faux pas

Google Messages Beta tests editing feature: Say goodbye to text faux pas
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11:16 AM EDT, May 14, 2024
Have you ever accidentally sent a text message with errors, sent an awkward mistake, or messaged the wrong person? Google is preparing a solution that will allow you to sidestep these issues, at least partially. The Google Messages app is trialing a feature that enables users to edit sent messages.

Google Messages, the go-to platform for managing SMS and RCS on Android devices is considering adding a highly anticipated feature: the ability to edit messages after they've been sent. This innovative function has been something we've only dreamed of until now.

The feature's debut is in the beta version of the Google Messages app. Android Police reports that development on this functionality has been underway since February, though it only came to public attention recently. A select group of beta testers is exploring the feature, with plans for a wider release still under wraps.

According to Android Police, evidence of the testing was shared by a Twitter user known as Jhowkira2000. They mentioned that testing on specific devices was carried out using AssembleDebug and that some users had access to this feature a few months back, indicating Google has invested considerable time into this project.

How will SMS editing work?

Users will have a 15-minute window after sending messages to edit them. To do so, press and hold the sent message, then click the pencil icon to make corrections. Once the adjustments are finalized, they must be confirmed.

Details on when this feature will roll out to the general public are scarce. However, given its current beta testing phase, it's likely to become accessible to more users soon. Importantly, messages can undergo multiple edits, with notifications indicating changes made. Recipients will also have the capability to view the original message before any edits are applied.

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