TechGoogle Maps to phase out Car Mode by 2024, voice assistant to harness safer driving

Google Maps to phase out Car Mode by 2024, voice assistant to harness safer driving

Google Maps during driving
Google Maps during driving
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11:06 AM EST, December 29, 2023

Google Maps is about to lose a fascinating feature. In February 2024, Car Mode, which resembles the Android Auto interface on smartphones, will no longer be available on the app. This news was reported by the 9to5Google service.

Google Maps without Car Mode

Car Mode, similar to Android Auto, primarily focuses on Maps, showcasing them nearly full screen. Additionally, it offers large icons for convenient use of essential phone functions, such as accepting calls or controlling the multimedia player. These large icons are user-friendly and minimize the risk of driver distraction.

Starting from February 2024, only cars equipped with Android Auto will support such an interface. Google Maps users will be advised that the safest method to use the phone while driving is through the voice assistant. Using it, drivers can make calls, send messages, or change tracks without removing their eyes from the road.

Car Mode in Google Maps only sporadically appeared in test versions. The feature was available only in ten countries: Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Australia, India, Mexico, Canada, the United States, and Great Britain.

Google has not provided the reasons for discontinuing this practical feature.

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