TechGoogle is working on another new feature. Emoji reactions are coming to Gmail

Google is working on another new feature. Emoji reactions are coming to Gmail

Google is working on another new feature. Emoji reactions are coming to Gmail
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4:44 PM EDT, October 1, 2023, updated: 9:05 AM EDT, October 5, 2023

Google is currently working on introducing a new feature in Gmail for iOS and Android platforms - TheSpAndroid reports. It's about the option to respond using emojis to messages. Initially, a piece of the app's code was discovered which confirmed work on the feature, now however, it is known what it will look like directly in the app.

The new Gmail feature is not yet available in the public version of the app. TheSpAndroid shows that the company is in the midst of testing, but there are no reports online from users who have already had the chance to check out the new feature. Therefore, it is unclear when exactly we can expect the option to react with emojis in emails on Android and iOS.

Emoji reactions to messages in Gmail

When the option appears in the public version of the application, the emoji reaction will be available by clicking the button located to the right of the mail sender (next to the icon with three dots, which is used to display options related to the message).

After clicking the new button, the application will display a small bar with six pre-defined emojis, which can be used for quick reactions. This is a feature well known today by, among others, Messenger users, as the communicator has the same functionality. In Gmail, there will also be an option to add or edit emojis for responding to emails. For this purpose, you just need to use the button marked with a "+" icon next to emoticons and choose from all available graphics.

Reactions to news in Gmail. This is what they will look like

TheSpAndroid points out that the new option has some limitations. They primarily concern the number of added reactions. Gmail is supposed to allow for sending "only" 50 reactions to a single message.

Additionally, for emojis to display correctly, both the sender and the recipient of the message must use the official Google Gmail application. Otherwise, a recipient who does not use Gmail will receive a message saying they received a reaction to a message. It will appear like: "[emoji] [name] reacted through Gmail [date]".

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