Tips&TricksGoogle introduces personal stylist feature to enhance wardrobe choices

Google introduces personal stylist feature to enhance wardrobe choices

Google will help you choose an outfit.
Google will help you choose an outfit.
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7:28 PM EDT, March 31, 2024, updated: 9:48 AM EDT, April 1, 2024

Fashion is constantly evolving, and keeping up with the latest trends can be a challenge for many of us. Instead of wrestling with the puzzle of assembling a cohesive outfit, simply reach for your phone. Google can assist in determining what you should wear.

Even with a million outfits in your wardrobe, coordinating them can seem impossible. Some pieces are earmarked for special occasions, others for casual errands like picking up bread from the store, and then there are those random finds that don’t seem to fit into any category. These items didn’t just appear in your closet by chance—you chose them. But does this signify poor taste? Not at all. It simply means you may need guidance in understanding what suits you, a task for which Google's search engine proves invaluable.

Google's suggestions to align with your style

Impulse buys driven by fashion trends are a common trap for many. This often stems from not having a clear personal style. The thought process of "It’s fashionable, so I'll buy it" frequently leads to a closet full of items that don’t mesh well together. If you're looking to make fashion work in your favor, turn to Google and its artificial intelligence to help navigate your shopping decisions.

Consider the process of buying new shoes. Suppose your go-to footwear consists mainly of monochromatic sneakers, and you're not accustomed to experimenting with color. Searching merely by shoe name can flood you with options that clash with your existing wardrobe. The trick lies in educating Google about your style preferences, compelling the search engine to display only choices that align with your taste.

Google's shopping assistance: Configuring your browser for personalized style

A new Google feature is set to function like a personal stylist, attuned to your specific needs. Within the browser, you'll find a feature named "Recommended Styles." Its operation is straightforward: first, you input your preferences. You'll then be offered various styling options, and you decide whether to accept or reject each. After several iterations, the algorithm will learn your preferences and begin to suggest outfits that resonate with your style.

How does it function? Enter a term like "floral dress" into Google, and the browser will present available options from online stores that match your pre-defined tastes. It's a clever solution, ensuring harmony among the items in your wardrobe and helping you establish a consistent style. Currently, this feature is being rolled out to users in the USA, but there's optimism that a similar update will soon be available in other countries.


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