TechGoogle Chrome will organize your tabs. Preparations are underway

Google Chrome will organize your tabs. Preparations are underway

Grouping tabs in mobile Google Chrome
Grouping tabs in mobile Google Chrome
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9:15 AM EDT, October 9, 2023

Google Chrome will soon receive a new feature that will help organize open tabs. Everything indicates that the browser will automatically suggest an appropriate order and group divisions to increase productivity. This will particularly benefit Chrome users who routinely open dozens of tabs at once.

In the Google Chrome browser, including the mobile version, tab grouping has been available for several years. It's hard to estimate the popularity of this mechanism, but its practicality cannot be denied. If it's necessary to open many tabs at once for a particular task, creating groups in Chrome can help with navigating them. Each group can be freely named, modified, and color coded, which increases readability. The ability to hide the tabs of the entire group is also convenient.

It turns out that soon Google Chrome will further simplify the process of organizing and grouping tabs, which should be particularly appreciated by those who tend to open dozens of pages at the same time, whose readability on the bar may be slightly disturbed. As Bleeping Computer points out, Google is working on a new "Organize tabs" option, which would be available in the top left corner of the browser and facilitate moving tabs between groups, even automatically.

At this moment, the option is only available in the Canary test release and it's definitely an early stage of development - you can mainly see the interface, not its effectiveness. At this point, it's also hard to say how exactly automatic grouping will work. It can be assumed that Google will use some form of user behavior learning and their preferences while using Chrome to propose the most optimal group division. Of course, automatic card grouping is only an option - the user will still be able to do it manually or not use this mechanism at all.

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