TechGoogle Chrome 118 available for download. Be sure to update

Google Chrome 118 available for download. Be sure to update

Google Chrome
Google Chrome
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1:56 PM EDT, October 12, 2023

Google Chrome 118 is now available as an update, and it is definitely not worth delaying. This browser release is a fix for as many as 20 security vulnerabilities that have been detected recently. One of them has been marked as critical.

Details of the Google Chrome update are mentioned by Security Week according to the text. Apparently, as many as 14 gaps in the browser were detected by external researchers. The most serious vulnerability removed, designated with the code CVE-2023-5218, is associated with the Site Isolation module, which is supposed to prevent mutual access to data by sites running in Google Chrome.

The remaining patched vulnerabilities are not so serious. Oversights included, among other things, full-screen mode, navigation, and handling of downloaded files. Knowing that the latest Google Chrome release fixes all the recently disclosed errors, it's better not to delay the installation of the latest release. The browser update is usually done automatically, but the process can be slightly accelerated by manually forcing the update check.

To do this, you need to visit the Google Chrome settings. At the end of the list of categories on the left side, the user can find the tab "Chrome - Information". After clicking on it, information about the currently installed edition will be displayed. The computer will then check for the availability of a new version of the browser in the background. If it's available on the servers, it will be downloaded and preliminarily installed. The last step is to restart Google Chrome.

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