SportsGoal collapses after powerful free kick in bizarre UPSL match

Goal collapses after powerful free kick in bizarre UPSL match

Absurd situation in the USA
Absurd situation in the USA
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8:07 PM EDT, May 24, 2024

A viral video on social media shows an incident during a UPSL match. In the game between GZS Bridgeport and Boston Street, the goal unexpectedly split into two parts after a free-kick shot.

UPSL Premier Division is a semi-professional soccer league in the United States. At this level, sometimes there are bizarre situations, as demonstrated by the match between GZS Bridgeport and Boston Street.

Social media captured the situation in the 59th minute of the match. The GZS Bridgeport team was leading 1-0 and was preparing to take a free kick from approximately 27 yards from the opponent's goal. One of the players launched a dangerous shot that ultimately hit the crossbar.

The goalie, trying to intervene, crashed into the post with great force. As a result of this collision, the goal split into two parts and collapsed to the ground. Interestingly, at that very moment, a GZS Bridgeport player was preparing for a rebound shot. However, the goal had already fallen to the ground before he could take the shot.

Undoubtedly, if the goal had not been destroyed, GZS Bridgeport would have scored a second goal. In this situation, however, the ball flew over the crossbar, which was now almost on the ground. Ultimately, the referees did not count the goal, and shortly thereafter, with the help of the stadium staff, they began to repair the damaged goal.

The video gained significant popularity on social media. It was shared by profiles such as Out of Context Football, which has over 4.2 million followers on platform X. In just a day, the few-second-long video was watched by over 4 million internet users.

Most of them expressed amusement in the comments about the situation. Similarly, people who saw this absurd incident "live" reacted. In the video, you can hear loud laughter coming from the stands.

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