TechGmail's new update classifies 'less important' emails for you

Gmail's new update classifies 'less important' emails for you

Gmail changes the inbox
Gmail changes the inbox
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1:34 PM EDT, May 26, 2024

Google is updating the Gmail inbox. Users who utilize smartphone category divisions will soon experience a new message segregation system. Gmail will identify "less important" emails in the inbox and move them lower in the list.

This change in Gmail has been highlighted by the website 9to5Google. The new feature should theoretically be visible to everyone already; however, delays of up to two weeks are possible since it is being rolled out in stages. After the change, Gmail will automatically recognize "less important" messages—such as automatic notifications or purchase receipts—and place them lower on the received list in the "updates" category.

Users can easily enable the new feature if they prefer the standard inbox, where messages are displayed in the order they are received and are not grouped into categories. Most users who appreciate this automatic division have praised the idea of sorting "less important" messages into another group, which is why the rollout to all Gmail users is ongoing after successful testing.

According to Google, the new feature is gradually becoming available on Gmail for both Android and iOS devices. In practice, this change is being progressively enabled on the server side. Still, to ensure it appears quickly on your phone or tablet, manually updating Gmail to the latest version is advisable. You can do this by checking the update list in the Google Play Store. The list is available as one of the options after clicking your avatar in the app store.

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