TechGmail gearing up to draft emails via voice command, harnessing the power of AI

Gmail gearing up to draft emails via voice command, harnessing the power of AI

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6:57 AM EST, January 23, 2024

Initial information concerning this topic was penned by Android Police, which was derived from AssembleDebug's discovery. They emphasized that only some Gmail users are presently equipped to originate email drafts, but this is possible solely through text commands, wherein they designate the intended content. Modes like creating texts during a conversation with ChatemGPT or, in this instance, Bardem Google operate on a similar principle. This feature relies heavily on artificial intelligence.

The new change significantly streamlines the entire process such that a voice command given to the Google Assistant is all it takes to compose a draft message. In leveraging AI, Gmail can interpret this spoken command and formulate a message draft ready for the user's review. This feature diverges from the typical dictation function in that it's designed to autonomously generate a complete message from scratch, considering the user's specific needs outlined in a brief message.

As it stands, this capability is undergoing testing and is presently exclusively available to users of the premium Workspace variant and in English only. However, there's no doubt that with the relentless pace of technological advancements, especially within artificial intelligence, this revolutionary feature could eventually be made universally accessible, undoubtedly expanding to accommodate other languages.

Automatic email generation tests in Gmail
Automatic email generation tests in Gmail© AssembleDebug

Google is conspicuously zeroing in on implementing artificial intelligence in voice interaction with the Assistant, a trend visible in the use of Android Auto. During the Samsung S24 demonstration in January, Google projected the key novelties in the driving system, including the ability to interpret user messages. Android Auto has been designed to condense these messages and suggest appropriate responses, including the capability to share the predicted arrival time should the conversationalist require it.

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