NewsGlobal shock as opposition leader Navalny dies: Putin's potential hit-list revealed

Global shock as opposition leader Navalny dies: Putin's potential hit‑list revealed

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin
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7:12 AM EST, February 18, 2024

In a conversation with Ukrainian Channel 24, Russian opposition journalist Ihor Jakovenko discussed these perceived enemies of Putin. He noted that the Russian leader has attempted to neutralize certain individuals personally while others are targeted via his supporters.

Jakovenko stressed that following Navalny's death, those on Putin's so-called enemy list are in grave danger. So, who made the list?

"Apart from Navalny, whom Putin sees as a personal adversary, Volodymyr Kara-Murza is another," Jakovenko told Channel 24. Kara-Murza, a leader within the Russian opposition, is a 41-year-old former journalist with Russian and British citizenship. In 2023, a Moscow court convicted him, sentencing him to 25 years in a prison camp.

His incarceration followed his public criticism of Putin's invasion of Ukraine. Authorities detained Kara-Murza mere hours after a program aired in which he declared on CNN that a regime of murderers governs Russia.

Putin's Alleged Hatred for Kara-Murza

Jakovenko contends that Putin harbors a deep-seated hatred for the 41-year-old opposition leader.

According to Jakovenko, others on Putin's purported enemy list include the former president of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili, another Russian oppositionist, Ilya Yashin, and ex-councilman Alexei Gorinov. Gorinov was also outspoken in his criticism of the war in Ukraine, after which he was sentenced to seven years in a prison camp.

Source: Channel 24

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